5 more Presidents forced out!

We’ve found another 5 presidents who were ejected from their educational institutions in the last year after student-staff protests. The first four are from Bibliomarket and the last is from Ms Mary Ann Morrissey.

If you know of any more resigning Presidents, please let us know.

July 2006
President Manny M. Aragon
New Mexico Highlands University

Faculty members had complained that Mr Aragon, a longtime state legislator, belittled them and disregarded the principles of shared governance. He also faced accusations that, under his administration, racial factors played a role in personnel decisions. The Board of Regents sacked him.

August 2006
President Karl E. Burgher
University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Resigned after losing a faculty vote of no confidence, prompted by his “reticence to communicate effectively with members of the community,” said Christine L. Standefer, a professor of physical education and president of the University Senate. “He wasn’t really good at communicating with us and the general campus population about what he was thinking and where he was going.”

August 2006
President Louis Caldera
University of New Mexico
A son of Mexican immigrants who rose to become U.S. secretary of the Army, he resigned by mutual agreement, amid apparent friction with its Board of Regents. Caldera’s limited academic background had been criticized by faculty members.

August 2006
President Judith I. Bailey
Western Michigan University
The Board of Trustees fired her for what it called a breach of contract and unsatisfactory performance. It cited her inability to correct dipping enrolement, budget deficits, and strained relations with the faculty and the local community. Ms. Bailey irked faculty members in recent months. She led a plan to reduce graduate programs that sparked widespread criticism by professors and students, who argued that she had acted without adequately consulting them. The resulting squabble led to the resignation of the university’s provost.

Late 2005
President Kevin Rameriz
Sierra College, Sacramento

Resigned after student-staff protests over the investment of a $394 million bonds issue, and accusations of mis-management. A new Board of Trustees requested his resignation.



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