Announcing Tent City UK!

At Gallaudet University last Friday, 134 Deaf students were arrested!

What??? Over 100 YOUNG DEAF people were ARRESTED??

In the last few days, over 50 Tent Cities have been set up around the world to show support and sympathy for the 134 arrested deafies.

Now we are announcing TENT CITY UK!

What: A family friendly social event, with tents!


Saturday 21st October, 2pm to 6pm

Where: Central London location, to be revealed here on Thursday evening or Friday!

Bring a tent or food or just yourself!

Family friendly day, bring the kids!


Background information:

The arrests were ordered by the President of Gallaudet university, Irving King Jordan. They happened at night when the deaf students found it difficult to understand the interpreters. Jordan didn’t even stay around – he ordered the arrests then vanished.

People think he was trying to protect the woman, Jane Fernandes, who is supposed to replace him as the next president in a couple of months. He picked her, without asking students, staff or alumni (ex-students). She has already worked next to him for the past 6 years, and many people hate her.

In the biggest staff meetings ever seen at Gallaudet university, over 80% of staff voted to order Jane Fernandes to leave immediately. Her reaction was to go on the RADIO and threaten that Gallaudet will be damaged for many years if she leaves.

Note: Fernades is also deaf, the point is that she is incompetent, refuses to meet and discuss issues with people, cannot work together with other people, loves to make announcements on the radio, and was made new president without asking any of the staff or students.

She refuses to believe that arresting 134 Deaf students is a problem!

Please come and show your support for the 134 Deaf students arrested. Even if you feel that the UK has its own problems. When the Wolves 6 were arrested, many American deaf people sent messages of support, let’s do the same back for them.

Check this website on Thursday evening or Friday for more info!

More background info at

Very full but wordy background at:

Collection of up-to-date posts at:


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